about the company & our mission

Tecela is a real estate development company whose mission is to build the best city neighborhoods while maximizing risk-adjusted returns. 

  • We combine institutional rigor and boutique creativity.
  • We believe every neighborhood deserves to be not just above average, but the best in its own way.
  • We believe the best neighborhoods develop incrementally with buildings that are adaptable.
  • We believe real estate innovation and growth are possible even with economic constraints and uncertainty.
  • We believe maximizing returns requires watching the downside.

We envision projects and execute start to finish, from market study to financial analysis, land due diligence and acquisition, site planning, local government approvals and permits, relationships with capital partners, land development, construction, marketing, leasing, occupancy, and sale.  We are always looking for new partners and sites, and no site is too small.  Current projects are listed on the "Development" tab above.

The name Tecela, pronounced "teh-SELL-a", is a play on the Latin word tessella or tessera, which means a small tile for a mosaic and reflects how we think of each project in its neighborhood.  Tecela's logo is inspired by Structure 33 (above far left) of the Mayan ruins in Yaxchilan, Mexico, another small hat tip to people who revere the grid.